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SEO title and Meta description options by default. As a blogger or webmaster, we all care for SEO (Search Engine Optimization, to be sure that we are on the same page).

SEO title and Meta description options by default. As a blogger or webmaster, we all care for SEO (Search Engine Optimization, to be sure that we are on the same page). If you suspect problems with your ISP, try opening the page with different network and confirm the problem is persisting across network or only your ISP has this problem. This is particularly true when it comes to “WordPress site slow” problems. Optimize your WordPress site for such engines on the fly using the All in SEO Pack, a WordPress plugin like no other. FV Simpler SEO is nothing more than a leaner version of the All in One SEO Pack we mentioned earlier. There are a lot more methods for website speed optimization have mentioned only easy methods which user can do it by themselves. When you combine these measures along with the coding techniques you will get a more speed optimized website.

Do note have not mentioned the technical and coding related methods in this segment. That being said Google and others have been investing heavily in image recognition software you can read more here. Customization: The next step is to customize the WordPress blog to make it optimized for Google. Extract the files and make use of the optimized files. You will get the optimized file downloaded as the .rar file. When a site’s domain is accessed, the browser will establish a connection to the server and wait for a response. It is designed to optimize your website’s page speed through file compression, minification and browser caching. W3 Total Cache has a dedicated Settings page for every type of caching – page caching, object caching, database caching, browser caching etc. The level of customizability that you get with W3 Total Cache is difficult to find elsewhere. A well optimized, fast responding database is a huge bonus for a database-driven software like WordPress. In CDN actually, a replica of your website files and database is stored in distributed network of servers around the world. The huge number of plug-ins developed and released over open sources are very tempting to add up in our website.

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7. Adding Contents: Add pages, install plug-ins and many more things to do at administration page. I usually find trouble stopping so will regularly write a LOT more than that! From our previous example, when a request is triggered from Florida the files will be delivered from the nearest server say in Texas or Oklahoma. In order to prevent other websites from hotlinking your site’s content, you need to alter a file present in your server account. Choose the theme that fits your need and also does not overload your server. For example, if the user triggers a request from Florida and your server is in Tokyo think about the time taken to load your page. Page Load Time – This is how long it takes an average user to view an entire page on your website. What you can do is create a playlist on YouTube and put the first video on your Hub and let users know that if they view the video on YouTube, they can hear all the songs. You can use plugins to add new features to your job marketplace and grow your business. It includes a huge range of useful features plus a well-designed, detailed dashboard that makes for easy SEO analysis and on-page optimization.

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I’ll be writing down best SEO plugins for WordPress with their specific details, pros, and cons. Here are two plugins you can use to make search your images makes sense to the search engines. You can share your words; so feel free to drop us mail with your valuable thoughts. After share actions meaning you can set an event to happen after your reader shares your content. But the internet being what it is, competition can only get stiffer, meaning you have to work twice as hard to get, and maintain favorable SEO positions in Google among other search engines. Slow loading websites are not only abandoned by the users, but even Google demote the slow loading websites, because Google-bot cannot properly index slow loading websites. As it has too many files to call when the page starts loading. If your Blog not loading fast then you are losing your traffic and valuable traffic. If they see “You Must Be Logged In In Order To Make a Comment” then this box has been checked. But if you find your traffic suddenly disappearing and it’s not due to any changes in how Google, Yahoo or MSN are spidering your site, then just maybe, you may have some bad bots stealing your hard work.

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It contains all the changes you made to your posts and web pages while you publish or update. Obviously you will have to make the final call while choosing one of them but still details I’m sharing will help you to take a better call. Nonetheless, you don’t have to bend backward to clinch the best SEO rankings. Local businesses – including contractors, lawyers, and doctors, as well has Fortune 500 companies – have seen their businesses flourish using their innovative digital marketing platform, which combines proven SEO strategies with innovative web designs and best-in-class web hosting. Physical designs are restricted to definite physical shapes and sizes and hence the navigation stays limited to unfolding and flipping. Especially, when the file sizes are huge and when there are lots of media files to load. Because it you optimize your image sizes for each network you could see higher click through rate and better traction. Bulk Image SEO: Dynamically add SEO-friendly tags to images based on a pattern. The reason it is so popular is because you can add plugins to increase the functionality of the site without having to have any kind of technical knowledge.