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Making ones link appear in search engine results is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is important to keep the site layout oriented towards simplicity because visitors do not have the patience to click deep into pages to reach desired results.

Making ones link appear in search engine results is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is important to keep the site layout oriented towards simplicity because visitors do not have the patience to click deep into pages to reach desired results. But the simplicity of WordPress hides an advanced system that, with a little bit of extra knowledge, can be made to do incredible things. To master extra about What you want to do in order to go on to keep your WordPress web page safe and sound read below. The quality of the plugins you have installed is also an important factor in web performance. This functionality boosts up your website performance by delaying loading of images. Great SEO also boosts your brand credibility, since people tend to trust sites that appear at the top of search results. Here are four top SEO tips to make sure that you effectively use search engine optimization to get the best results on your blog.

Provide reports to monitor your image compression results. I test both plugins on my personal website, where both compress 7mb image folder in 3.5mb. Imagify perfect for JPG while ShortPixel great for PNG. While Twitter has a limit of 140 characters which make your message to be short and concise without forgetting a link of the app in app store, Instagram provides us a different solution to promote the app through images. Though none of the queries used are dangerous, it is always the best practice to make a database backup before altering your database. Translators are welcome to contribute to the plugin. This plugin is compatible with all existing browsers. If you are using lots of images on your WordPress website then go with this plugin. Just looking at a few of the websites that are powered by WordPress as a content management system (CMS) says it all – WordPress makes building a site easier, but never limits what you can do. Based on my experience searching for the best WordPress Hosting myself, I will try to share with you on what you need to be looking at and what to consider when subscribing to a WordPress Hosting.

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If you are looking for something that offers more visual customization, Joomla provides a great platform to start with. The fonts are located on external servers and must be loaded each time you visit your website. · Check entire file structure of your WordPress website and remove / repair infected files. It gives no limit on file size. This image optimizer WordPress plugin is an optimal solution to compress large size images in WordPress media. ShortPixel is a powerful image optimizer WordPress plugin that helps you to increase your SERP rankings. Moreover, both free and paid optimization plugins are available, but if you want some additional features and integrations then going with premium image optimizer WordPress plugins is a smart choice. SEO Image Optimizer eliminates the task of manually adding alt tags and automatically adds SEO optimized alt tags and title tags on your images in a matter of few seconds. It will be visible at the very top of the post (image location can be different depending on theme).

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If you edit a post 6 times you might have 5 copy of that post as revisions. However if you’re making it work with a budget host, you’ll have to put up with fluctuations in speed. When it comes to trying to speed up WordPress, it can sometimes be quite tricky. You should consider minifying JavaScript and CSS files since this can also significantly speed up your website. MY CASE STUDY: I’m already using CDN to speed up my site. Your (should-be) clients demand speed. FAQ’s can be immensely helpful in guiding your customers and/or clients to the right information at the right time. Once you install the plugin, you will find a new panel right at the end of every page. Read on to find out about some of the advanced features of WordPress and how you can use these tools to take your work-from-home website to the next level.

Well, when WordPress needs to find a specific piece of information contained in the database, it has to search for it. This significantly lowers the size of information that’s being transferred lowering the loading times of your website’s pages. Sites that aren’t mobile-friendly risk being born from SERPs. We currently have 19 editors on board, with everything from bath and body to weddings being covered. This 100% free and powerful plugin which scan each and every image of your website which you have just upload or which already exists. Image Optimization: removes orphaned images from your WordPress site, plus images of a certain, pre-defined size. If you want to deal with image optimization seriously and want to make your website loading time fast. Make space: When you edit a post or page on your website, WordPress automatically saves the new revision to the database. Every-time you save a new post or pages, WordPress creates a revision of that post or page.

All of the WordPress functions and features have been designed to guide search engines through pages and posts, and even categories, so that the crawl or indexing of your website becomes efficient and thorough. However, some automated WordPress installers — particularly Fantastico and cPanel installers — block WordPress from search engines by default. However, overindulgence in HTML Minification potentially leads to loss of fidelity of the website code, with user agents taking excessive memory cycles and CPU power in “guessing” the missing resources required to parse HTML files. However, if you’re creating fresh content then you should be following best practice. A new trend for many blogs and websites is to show creating word clouds for their website to illustrate the most popular or common words used on their site. Search engines love wordpress blogs. The first is a godsend in the eyes of search engines. For as long as Google has been on the scene in the search engine world (and even before), links have served as the connective tissue for the web.