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One option you have to control this built-in compression is to edit WordPress’s functions.php file. Permalinks, then select the “Post Name” option.

One option you have to control this built-in compression is to edit WordPress’s functions.php Doughnut file. Permalinks, then select the “Post Name” option. CMS Commander is very easy to use, adding a plugin for each site you want to manage and then being able to control them all from the one place is great. If you’re not having a responsive WordPress theme or don’t want to change your site design, then this plugin will come in handy. Author’s Bio: You can decide to hire the best remote WordPress developer, if you want to get the sales of your products and services enhanced without wasting much money on advertisements. Gonzales is a premium WordPress plugin which you can use as a standalone performance improvement plugin or in association with cache plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. By adding the plugin and running a scan, it will show you which plugins are taking up the most of your blog’s resources. Two of the best are the Kraken Image Optimizer and TinyPNG. You should try them all and pick the ones that fit your needs best.

There are a few reasons why having fast-loading product photos is just as important as having attractive ones. It allows for custom themes and a few other mobile friendly settings. If you don’t make your site friendly for mobile devices, will this Google algorithm update affect how your site ranks in the SERPs (Search Engine Result pages) for desktop computers as well? Since 2003, A2 Hosting has offered innovative, affordable and developer friendly website hosting for personal homepages up to full-service solutions for businesses of all sizes, based in all locations. Each Managed WordPress site also comes hosted on A2 Hosting’s exclusive Turbo Servers (20X faster page loads than competing WordPress hosting solutions). Customers seeking an additional speed boost can host on A2 Hosting’s Turbo Servers featuring page load speeds up to 20X faster compared to competing hosts. A content delivery network (CDN) makes use of caching to deliver stored content from local servers instead of on-demand content from a single location, speeding up the experience for all your shoppers.

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With a CDN like CloudFlare or Amazon CloudFront, cached (that is, not current-to-the-second) copies of your store will be shown to visitors. You will improve your website load time and YSlow grade with this CDN. Both of these things speed up load time dramatically, especially for large photos and media files. Fortunately, there’s a way to speed things up for them (and not just for those bigger files like product photos, either). According to Moz, a lot like title tags, keyword-rich URLs can influence search engine rankings. That’s what I use.” They just really do a great job, and they offer a lot of features while not putting so much weight into the overall page speed and performance, which is important when you’re talking eCommerce. Looking back, I realize that then, five years ago, HP didn’t know a lot more about what it was doing as a web business, than I did as a burgeoning web writer.

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Just like Pingdom, you can expand any of the suggestions to see more specific information. Most common is to see conflicting speed optimization (caching) plugins. In fact, non-optimized images are one of the most common speed issues seen on beginner websites. Here are five easy-to-fix WordPress issues you’re likely to encounter as well as some ways you can avoid common problems before they affect your website’s performance. Slow themes and plugins can make your website sluggish. 2. Make sure you have enough CPUs (central processing units) and RAM (random access memory). This compression shrinks your JPEGs to 90% of their original size, but that might not be enough for stores that opt for huge, highly detailed photos or large galleries. For tech blogs that receive a large volume of traffic, limiting the plugins helps reduce the SQL memory load and if you’ve ever had a website crash you know just how important this is.

You’ll also be given an approximate loading time and file size — everything you need to know if you’re on the mark with your compressed photos. One of the first decisions you’ll face when building a new website is figuring out which content management system (CMS) to use. Once the tools are finished with your uploaded images, you’ll be able to save them and add them to your store. You install the plugin and add your Google Analytics User ID. Facebook posts into your WordPress posts to add that extra touch of social connection. In reports by QuickSprout and Google, fifteen hundred word posts or even longer around two thousand words attract the search engines and SEO natural traffic. This means that your server and database resources get used up every time you get mentioned in comments and posts. 3. a comments field to allow discussion (social interaction) occur on your site.