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By itself WordPress is a wonderful format, it is already search engine friendly and easy to use. Here are the WordPress server optimization steps included in our Server Management Services, that we’ve seen to be effective.

By itself WordPress is a wonderful format, it is already search engine friendly and easy to use. Here are the WordPress server optimization steps included in our Server Management Services, that we’ve seen to be effective. In some cases, we’ve used statically compressed files, and caching web servers to reduce CPU load while ensuring high compression rates. In this article, we’ve discussed some ways you can ensure this update doesn’t affect your site’s SEO negatively. Stop Guessing. Join us as Matt Kopala, founder of SiteDistrict, shows us how to figure out with certainty what is really going on inside WordPress, so you can properly diagnose & fix your site performance. By default, WordPress URLs are not SEO friendly but you can fix this easily. Then go back and see if you can revise and rework your copy to include the keywords or phases that you want to emphasize. So, What Is The ‘Correct’ Keyword Density Then?

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For example, a little keyword research may prove that a natural keyword of “divorce attorney” is a very well searched phrase but there are also 2 million websites geared towards this key phrase. Find the areas where you specifically used the keyword “Divorce Attorney” and see if you can swap the phrases with just a little alteration of the surrounding text. Further research may turn up the fact that “Find Divorce Attorneys” may be a little less popular with regards to searches but there are only 10,000 sites aiming for this keyword. Every website owner may have unique needs so therefore there is no “one size fits all” product for all of us. A tremendous amount of effort has been placed in creating a product that gives you control over the many facets of editing the theme for both design and search engine optimization purposes. Over time, issues like fragmentation, growth in table size, etc. lead to poor database performance.

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Use page speed tools to know what issues you need to target on your site. These files can be compressed to one-tenth of its size, thereby reducing site load speed. A vast majority of the files in a WordPress site are text files such as CSS, JS and HTML. Due to the implementation of personalized widgets, CSS3 and HTML 5 markups, installation and customization have been greatly simplified. What rating does the plugin have? I am using Bluehost at present and their utility (and also the name of the related plugin that I am using) is called “CloudFlare”. This article gives you the how to of SEO Content Writing — using natural keywords, as well as, artificial keywords in your article. In the case of your website, if you were to sit down and write 500 words of informative content you would find that certain words naturally creep into the article and appear several times.

WordPress pages load many CSS, JavaScript and image files.

First and foremost, write the article on the subject matter that you want with the quality that you expect when you read an article. You do not want to face the government’s lawyers if you cannot present the logs when requested. Should you not want do this, you’ll be able to give a nofollow attribute to that particular link. I didn’t look at ways to optimize this, but we wanted a dedicated payment page either way and removing the SSL was one thing that could go. Another method is to look for your artificial keywords before you begin and make sure you have them in the back (or the front) of your mind when you sit down to write your website content. The look and functionality of your site depends on CSS and JS files, and if these kinds of files are cached for a long time (eg. WordPress pages load many CSS, JavaScript and image files. One of the biggest advantages of WordPress, this CMS automatically converts the URLs of your new posts and web pages into “search-engine-friendly” URLs, thereby helping search engines understand what your content is about, leading to improved ranking.

  1. Use the proper number of plugins
  2. Add a WAF
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There is no doubt that the shared hosting offered numerous advantages over dedicated hosting, though the reduction in cost was the most important factor. Even if your hubs are featured they can become idle over time. If your site isn’t optimised properly, it can take a lot of unwanted resources and makes the site sluggish which leads to visitors turning away from the site. However, take care when you use these directives. At Bobcares, we help WordPress site owners take advantage of browser caching, but avoid common pitfalls by custom configuring expires directives. Author’s Bio: My name is Kevin Stacey and I take great pride in providing solid internet marketing advice to WordPress – wplift.com – website owners. Search engines do not take spam, or the sites that contain it, lightly. [ Want to speed up your WordPress sites for better performance? Because you are already thinking of the phrase you want to use you will naturally include it within the content of your site.